Quote a song, expose your heart.

Sometimes, you can't explain what you're feeling, and then you hear a song that sums up your entire situation. This blog is dedicated to that phenomenon. These are little snippets of songs that touch my heart, or make me laugh, or basically say the things I can't. I know many of you can relate, so do enjoy (: If you have any quote suggestions, you can put them in the ask box, and I'll post them up and credit you. <3

No It Isn&#8217;t- +44

Submitted by: http://shesgoingplaces.tumblr.com/
Ho Hey- The Lumineers

Submitted by: http://findthestrength20.tumblr.com/
Lionheart- Of Monsters and Men

Submitted by: http://alasblancas.tumblr.com/
The Taste of Regret- In Fear and Faith

Submitted by: http://howcomplicatedisthat.tumblr.com/
All Too Well- Taylor Swift

Submitted by: http://dearestamanda.tumblr.com/
Bones- Lewis Watson

Submitted by: http://cuts-n-sluts.tumblr.com/
Windows- Lewis Watson

Submitted by: http://cuts-n-sluts.tumblr.com/
Butterfly Wings- Owl City

Submitted by: http://ucanplayme.tumblr.com/
Little Talks- Of Monsters and Men

Submitted by: http://iwontbewaitingforyou.tumblr.com/
In My Veins- Andrew Belle

Submitted by: http://neverenoughrocks.tumblr.com/
How to Save a Life- The Fray

Submitted by: http://clouds-inmyeyes.tumblr.com/
Changes- Tupac

Submitted by: http://british-oceans.tumblr.com/
Sour Milk- Mike Garrigan

Submitted by: http://plasticsatellite.tumblr.com/
Little Things- One Direction

Submitted by: http://thelegendofchin.tumblr.com/
Try- The XX

Submitted by: http://poison-of-drugs.tumblr.com/