Quote a song, expose your heart.

Sometimes, you can't explain what you're feeling, and then you hear a song that sums up your entire situation. This blog is dedicated to that phenomenon. These are little snippets of songs that touch my heart, or make me laugh, or basically say the things I can't. I know many of you can relate, so do enjoy (: If you have any quote suggestions, you can put them in the ask box, and I'll post them up and credit you. <3

Almost- Tamia
Submitted by: rosac-ntifolia
Evil Twin- Arctic Monkeys
Submitted by: ericabonganhi
If You Say So- Lea Michele
Submitted by: msmartam
If You Say So- Lea Michele 
Submitted by: msmartam
Once Upon A Dream- Lana Del Rey
Submitted by: msmartam
Give Your Heart A Break- Demi Lovato
Submitted by: msmartam
I Was Once Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps, A Cowboy King- Asking Alexandria
Submitted by: dr-fucken-suess
One- Ed Sheeran
Submitted by: sadisorder
A Late Night At The Falls- Minutes Like Ours
Submitted by: howthetruthgetsintheway
Mockingbird- Eminem
Submitted by: bipolar-system
Prelude 12-21 - AFI
Submitted by: toast-the-ghosts-of-you-and-me
Team- Lorde
Submitted by: patineteroxo
Hall of Fame- The Script
Submitted by: msmartam
Permafrost- Laurena Seguna
Submitted by: shiningbind

Not to fret!

I haven’t forgotten about this blog, I’ll update ASAP!