Quote a song, expose your heart.

Sometimes, you can't explain what you're feeling, and then you hear a song that sums up your entire situation. This blog is dedicated to that phenomenon. These are little snippets of songs that touch my heart, or make me laugh, or basically say the things I can't. I know many of you can relate, so do enjoy (: If you have any quote suggestions, you can put them in the ask box, and I'll post them up and credit you. <3

Prelude 12/21- AFI
Submitted by: toast-the-ghosts-of-you-and-me
I Hope You Suffer- AFI
Submitted by: toast-the-ghosts-of-you-and-me
A Case Of You- Joni Mitchell
Submitted by: lady-presley
The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot- Brand New
Submitted by: baythegreat
From The Ritz To The Rubble- Arctic Monkeys
Submitted by: from0114to505
Revelation Blues- The Tallest Man on Earth
Submitted by: estontear-se
Lumi- Ashestoangels 
Submitted by: toast-the-ghosts-of-you-and-me
Beside You- 5 Seconds of Summer
Submitted by: dalelavapiez
If These Sheets Were The States- All Time Low
Submitted by: runlikealeopard
Tiffany Blews- Fall Out Boy
Submitted by: see-it-straight
Me- The 1975
Submitted by: dikokabisado

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I updated the Format for Submission page a little bit, so please read through the format tips/rules before you submit! Thanks a bunch!

Have a great week! 

Let Her Go- Passenger
Submitted by: nikitasha96
The Truth- Foster the People
Submitted by: always&#8212;amy

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